Meet Brasslips!

Brasslips© is the first ever lip fitness training tool that natully gives you fuller lips, a smoother mouth and better breathing. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people needed to recover and Brasslips offers a truly unique solution.  With the help of fun and entertaining workouts, you will enjoy the process of making your lips and mouth look naturally beautiful!

Breathing with Brasslips

Brasslips© offers a truly unique solution to help improve your breathing capabilities. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the near future, many people have suffered and will suffer from shortness of breath. Brasslips© together with its workouts will help you get back to breathing normal and natural again by focussing on the three main steps of breathing.  

Let Jackie-T explain to you how to properly breath with Brasslips!  

Cleaning Brasslips

Cleaning Brasslips© is extremely simple yet very important after every workout session. 

You can easily clean Brasslips© with water and no soap is needed. Have a look at the video in which Jackie-T demonstrates how easy it is to wash your Brasslips!

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