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- A lip fitness & workout revolution

Brasslips© is the first ever lip fitness training tool that natully gives you fuller lips, a smoother mouth and better breathing. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people needed to recover and Brasslips offers a truly unique solution.  With the help of fun and entertaining workouts, you will enjoy the process of making your lips and mouth look naturally beautiful!


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Meet Brasslips!

The artist behind Brasslips

Brasslips© is invented by famous trumpet musician Jackie-T During her studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Jackie saw that her lips were less full and the muscles around her lips weakened the moment she stopped playing.

At around 25 years of age the blood flow in our lips decreases which results in lips that are less fuller, less red and eventually creates visible wrinkles . The decrease in muscles in and around the lips are the main cause of this problem.

To solve this problem, Jackie-T created Brasslips, the first ever lip fitness training tool for fuller natural lips, a smoother mouth and better breathing.

Natural Better Breathing

Brasslips© offers a truly unique solution to help improve your breathing capabilities. Especially during COVID-19 many people suffered from shortness of breath. Brasslips© together with its workouts will help you get back to breathing normal and natural again by focussing on the three main steps of breathing. Check the breathing section for more information.    

First impressions -

Have a look at how people react when they try out Brasslips for the first time! 

It’s always so great to see the surprising faces of people who feel their lips vibrate for the first time and also how they need to manage their breathing!

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